Many years ago, people from the Republic came to The Vale and built a city unlike any the world had ever seen, a mix of dwarven and human architecture built directly above deep-delving mines, cut from the living rock of Ironfang mountain. The city was called Dwarrowdelf, and before long it was thriving, famous for its wondrous metalworking, and the people of The Vale grew rich.

But it was not to last. High above Dwarrowdelf there was a cave, and in that cave lurked an elder red dragon called Sycorax. She watched the dwarves and humans build their city, watched others come to live in it, and wondered how she could bend them all to her will. True, she was powerful, but there were so many of these tiny little mortals, and some of them were powerful too. She would need allies, but who or what?

Her question was answered by the people of Dwarrdowdelf themselves, for they delved too deep into the earth, and too greedily. At the roots of Ironfang they awoke an infernal prince, consigned to slumber there in aeons past. The devil prince Namarrgon the Conqueror found Sycorax with his fell powers, and with the prince’s infernal allies and minions, they attacked and soon The Vale was theirs and its people their slaves.

No one can say how long the people of The Vale suffered under the rule of Sycorax and Namarrgon. The years would have to be counted in the hundreds, that much is certain. In that time, much was lost, including all knowledge of the world beyond The Vale. But the will and spirit of the people could never be completely extinguished, no matter how cruelly the dragon and the devil prince oppressed them. Eventually they rose up, fought their cruel overlords, and won their freedom.

It has been fifty years since that momentous day. In that time, the people of The Vale have rebuilt and reclaimed what they could. They are still haunted by the remnants of the evils that were unleashed there. Evil humanoids that filled the ranks of the army of Sycorax and Namarrgon still live in the rocky mountain heights, large stretches of the forests on the mountain slopes are still home to giant spiders, dire wolves and stranger creatures, and whole sections of the city of Dwarrowdelf have yet to be reoccupied or even properly explored.

There is much more to do than the city guards and soldiers of the Electors of The Vale can possibly manage. This has given rise to the institution of free companies, adventurers and mercenaries who sell their swords and spells to those many private citizens whose needs the guard cannot meet. DMS Inc. is one of these…

DMS Inc.